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Research and Writing Tool: The Keyword Generator from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette Library

Research and Writing Tool: The Keyword Generator from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette Library

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette has an incredible tool for students and faculty  writing papers. Sometimes, I have a difficult time brainstorming ideas for a particular research topic (I know that I cannot be the only person), In the past few weeks, I stumbled upon a database quick search tool from U of L Lafayette, "Keyword Generator". 

This is a ChatGPT prompt and it can help you develop keywords for your topic!

Basically, you place your search terms or your associated keywords and the system provides some associated terms for you.

Step 1 - I searched for "rural education"

Step 2 - The keyword generator developed these keywords for me:

1. Rural schools 
2. Access to education in rural areas 
3. Challenges in rural education 
4. Remote learning in rural communities 
5. Educational equity in rural schools 
6. Technology in rural education 
7. Teacher recruitment and retention in rural areas 
8. School infrastructure in rural communities 
9. Dropout rates in rural schools 
10. Special education in rural areas 
11. Community involvement in rural education 
12. Funding for rural schools 
13. Curriculum development for rural schools 
14. Impact of poverty on rural education 
15. Student achievement in rural schools 
16. Distance education in rural areas 
17. Cultural diversity in rural schools 
18. Professional development for rural educators 
19. Government policies affecting rural education 
20. Best practices in rural education.

Step 3 - After you view your results, you can copy and paste the results AND you can utilize ChatGPT without having to log in!

What do you think about this tool? I will definitely use it! Thanks University of Louisiana at Lafayette!


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