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If you are looking for public speakers or workshop facilitator in the Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, Tyler, or Houston areas, I am available.

I have almost 20 years of experience in higher education and social media and I am prepared to speak for colleges, universities, and higher education conferences. I have experience in student affairs assessment and student affairs (and academic affairs) administration. Despite my number of years in higher education, I am also a proud millennial and I serve as a millennial speaker. I am also a contract corporate learning and development trainer.

The workshops or customized sessions that I am offering for this year are:

- Organizational Cultural and Organizational Communication (and Millennials)

- Technology in Higher Education: Recruitment and Retention

- Technology in Higher Education: How to Engage Students in the College Classroom with Technology

- Innovative Ways to Retain Students

- Teaching Communication Courses Online

- 101 Ways to Embrace and Promote Student Success

- How to Graduate from College in Three Years or Less

- How to Live Your Best Life as a College Student

- Implementing the Best College Retention Strategies and Programs

- Best Practices for Higher Education Retention and Strategies

- Creating Student Success Initiatives with Higher Education Technology

- How to Graduate College Early: How to Graduate in Three Years

- Training on Google Docs

- Social Media and Entrepreneurship

- Higher Education and Generation Z

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