About Me

Dr. Jennifer T. Edwards is a Professor of Communication and previously served as Assistant Vice-President for Student Success and Multicultural Initiatives at Tarleton State University. As AVP for SSMI, she was responsible for the following areas: 

- Academic Advising Center
- Career Services
Academic Mentoring Initiatives
- Academic Resource Center
- Center for Academic Readiness and Success
- Center for Assessment and Academic Testing
- International Programs
- Upward Bound

Edwards is also the leader of the American Association of State Colleges and University's Re-Imagining the First-Year Experience initiative (RFY@Tarleton) and the lead for the implementation of the Education Advisory Board's Student Success Collaborative at Tarleton (SSC@Tarleton).

She is the 2012 recipient of the Tarleton State University Jack and Louise Arthur Award for Excellence in Teaching, 2011 recipient of the Tarleton State University Barry B. Thompson Award for Excellence in Service Award, and two of Texas A&M University System Student Recognition Awards for Teaching Excellence in 2011 and 2012. Edwards also serves at the executive director of the Texas Social Media Research Institute (a social media initiative based at Tarleton State University).

On a state level, she serves as a Faculty Fellow for Association of American Colleges and Universities - Liberal Education and America’s Promise in Texas. On a national level, she serves as a Social Sciences Councilor with the Council on Undergraduate Research. Edwards has published over 30 articles and presented over 50 conference presentations.
Edwards contributed over 50 publications and presentations in the communication and higher education research fields. She enjoys engaging students from all backgrounds in high-impact learning experiences (especially undergraduate research) in the classroom and the Texas Social Media Research Institute. 

Her dissertation, "Supports for and barriers to on -time graduation as perceived by African American undergraduate students at historically Black colleges and universities and historically White colleges and universities" received the Dissertation of the Year Award from the Texas Association College and University Student Personnel Administrators. Her research interests include: academic nudging (text messaging, email, and mobile applications), electronic higher education retention solutions, undergraduate research and engagement). Please connect with her on Twitter account @drjtedwards or YouTube (Dr. Edwards's YouTube Channel).

Workshop Titles
  • Academic Affairs and Student Affairs (Student Life) Collaborations for Student Success
  • Social Media and Higher Education (Marketing, etc.)
  • Incorporating Social Media to Engage Participants (Building Relationships)
  • Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
  • Engaging Millennial Students in the Classroom and in Higher Education
  • Working with (Communicating with) Millennial Employees/Students
  • Work-Life Balance in Higher Education
  • Retaining Undergraduate Millennial Students in Higher Education (Student Success)
  • Engaging Students in Undergraduate Research
Contact Me!

E-mail: jennifertedwards@gmail.com
Twitter/Periscope: @drjtedwards
Instagram: @drjtedwards
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/millennialprofessor