Monday, February 2, 2009

Social Networking for Graduate Students

Why wasn't this website around when I was in graduate school?

One of my favorite research databases (Proquest) released a great website for graduate students. This website, Gradshare, enables graduate students to interact with one another by asking questions and sharing research interests. I imagine this website will play an important role in the graduate student job navigation process. Judging from the conversations I read on various message boards, I believe most colleges and universities will slow their hiring process during the next few months. As a result, such websites will prove themselves vital for graduate school students.

Link to the Gradshare website.

Millennial Professor


  1. Agreed! The site has been postponed until next Monday. It was supposed to open to the public on the 6th.

  2. Glad you have mentioned GradShare! I currently work on some projects for GradShare, and I advise every grad student/professor to check it out. There are continually new updates and discussions, and we welcome any contribution that you can offer.


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