Friday, March 13, 2009

The Blissful Back to School Process

I am too excited! My university goes back to school next week! No, I am not insane. Since last Friday, I have organized and cleaned EVERY inch of my house. In fact, I made a list:

Msg. sent to a friend during spring break...
I bought groceries, rearranged my office, swept the floor, cleaned the fridge, baked banana nut muffins, cooked dinner every night, purged lots of paper (ready for recycling), starting online bill pay for ALL of the household bills, started updating our monthly menus on a 2 week rotation (let me know if you want to see it).... I think that's it. In addition, I plan to finish reading three books before this "filled" week is finished. over with and I need to grade papers.

During the next 72 hours, I need to start my school preparation process. I need to:

a. grade a qualitative blackboard test
b. update my google calendar (for work and home)
c. start my literature synthesis for research with Lora (keep me accountable)
d. create a HBCU/HWCU research boot camp strategy for my grant
e. find a journal for the HBCU/HWCU article
f. reply to my google and university e-mail accounts
g. critique speech topic proposals

Okay, I need to get started!

Millennial Professor


  1. Wow! Could you send me some of your energy? I've only been off yesterday and today. Tomorrow I need to clean house as my husband's granddaughter will be spending the night with us next Friday before attending Texan Tour on the 21st!

  2. I know you will get it all done. You are an inspiration to me.

  3. Good luck! Your list and my list are veeery similar. Difference is, I know I'll only get to about 80% of mine. Frustrating problem I've had since starting Faculty life: Balance...Hope you enjoyed the vacation and keep up the GREAT goals!

  4. Thanks everyone! I am very excited about this week.

    Amanda - My goodness you did have a lot to do (over the weekend)! How did it go? I hope that we have some great prospective students attend the Texan Tour this week.

    Science Educator - Thank you! Have a great spring break this week!

    SqueakyDragon - To my HBCU counterpart, you are INCLUDED on my to do list! Yup, I agree that the work/life balance for faculty IS nonexistent. However, I would not trade my job for the WORLD!

    Millennial Professor


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