Monday, April 13, 2009

Can Professor Elevate Their Stature By Wearing Heels?

Today's post is personal. This topic is near and dear to me. Yes, this topic is something that I deal with everyday. Shoes!

As a professor of small stature (I am 4'11), I like to wear heels...all kinds of heels (100% of them are Nine West). Short heels, stilettos, does not matter on most days. However, I am in a peculiar situation. My classroom is located five minutes away from my office. My daily trek involves some barriers, which manifest themselves in the forms of gravel, concrete, puddles, wet/dry grass, and stairs. Some people may think this topic is trivial, however this topic affects my yearly personal collection of shoes.

When I finally arrive at my daily destination (my classroom), I have another death defying act to survive - maintaining my balance in my selected pair of shoes for three hours. My students present more physical barriers (i.e. - backpacks, books, chairs, etc.). By now, the students know that I lose my balance easily and they remove their personal items from the aisle.

Ladies - What kinds of shoes do you prefer to wear in the classroom/across campus?


Millennial Professor


  1. Can't help you on the shoes, Dr. Edwards! Being 5'8" tall, I don't need the height of heels, and being a Boomer (with a Millennial of my own), I can't wear them any more anyway! I wear a lot of Lands' End and Champion Jasmine Mary-Jane-style shoes, with rubber soles and heels that are maybe 2 inches at the most. :)

  2. As a 5'1" young professor you'd think I'd own a closet full of heels, but my country background and practicality lead me to loafers :) Not the most chic item, but I am on a campus still working through Hurricane Katrina rebuilding without sidewalks, with construction debris, wooden "temporary" decks outside of FEMA buildings that grab any heels, and asphalt broken by weather and eager to sprain an ankle. So, I happily avoid any of that with chunky short heels that give me an inch but allow me to make it through a 10-12 hour day. I also have a double problem as I wear a size finding anything without hearts and bows makes my list as a "good shoe" for work...I say, wear what you love on "light" walking/standing days and find pratical but stylish shoes for trekking on other days.


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