Friday, April 10, 2009

Twitter in the Classroom

This week, I started something new... I incorporated twitter in my course!

Here's the assignment:

Twitter Extra Credit Assignment (Due by April 24th) - WORTH 12 POINTS

Step 1 - Create a twitter account. Add (follow) the following people to your twitter list - Dr. Edwards (my username is "drjtedwards") AND at least five people from our class (their usernames will be in the title of their messages).

Step 2 - Update your twitter feed (140 words or less) at least two times per day for four consecutive days.

Step 3 - Reply to this message with your username in the title (please see my example).

Step 4 - In your reply, please respond to the following questions (1/one paragraph per question):

A. What were your opinions of twitter? In what ways would you think twitter would be beneficial?

B. Do you plan to continue using twitter? Why or why not?

C. What impact will twitter have on the communication field?

If you have ANY questions, please let me know.

I will post updates next week. This entire twitter phenomenon is getting pretty interesting!

How have you incorporate twitter into your classroom OR training?

Millennial Professor


  1. I love this idea! I think I am going to do it the week that we cover the differences between formal and informal communication.

  2. I have mixed feelings about Twitter. I have friends who used to write interesting blog posts that now just automatically send their tweets to their blogs instead - and their tweets are BORING. I miss the introspection and creative writing that marked their blog posts; the 140-character limit has really stifled their writing.

    I signed up for Twitter back in January to give it a try and to follow the ALSC Awards live as they were announced. Good thing I was also following a webcast of the awards, since the Twitter feed went down just before the big prizes were announced!

    I will probably use Twitter for other such events, but I'm too busy to "follow" anybody and too busy to tweet enough for anybody to follow me.

    I fear that the biggest impact may be negative - with the 140 character (not word!) limit, we're going to see a lot more incomprehensible abbreviations and phrases in their communications.

    I am interested to hear about what the Millennials in your class think of Twitter - please share the results!

  3. I haven't worked in the idea of Twitter, yet, but am incorporating a similar assignment for the summer session where we discuss the implications of e-updates, personal revelations and impact on professional interactions that we also use facebook "status" updates with...eager to hear what you find out.


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