Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Class Ideas - Mini Quizzes for Millennials

Another week, more amazing students. Last week, I tried a new teaching strategy. Mini-Quizzes! This idea was inspired by the BK Burger Shots... the new mini burger. This idea was wonderful! I was able to detect how much the students were learning from the in class lectures and whether or not the students were able to apply the in-class concepts to hypothetical situations.

Step One - Each student receives either a colored or white note every other student in the class.

Step Two - I gave the following instructions via Powerpoint:
Step Three - The students with white note cards were instructed to complete the white side of the "test your knowledge" and students with colored note cards were instructed to complete the colored side of the "test your knowledge" section. Students were given five minutes to complete their note card. Each section of my classes received a different set of "test your knowledge" questions.

My Analysis - I try to keep my classes organized and color coded. This activity enabled me to keep each of the classes in a binder clip and each of the binder clips in ONE PLASTIC BAG. This assignment was heaven! Despite the organizational nature of this assignment, I was able to gauge whether or not the students were learning the material.

Most of the students remembered at least one aspect of the chapter material that pertained to the "test your knowledge" section. This impressed me and I will definitely use this assignment for another chapter.

Student Motivation - Some students made 100% or more (bonus points) on this 5 pt. assignment. I like to reward students who do exceptionally well on assignment by giving them a special message. This time, I attached Knock Knock Stickies (Office Supplies) to the note cards that read:

You're Cool Because: (check one please) ( ) You work hard. ( ) You try hard. ( ) You listen. ( ) You're hilarious. ( ) You help out. ( ) Just because. *Then the sticky provides a space for comments.

What do you think about this assignment? The millennials seem to like it.

Millennial Professor

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