Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I am a Millennial Professor and I Embrace the 24 Hour Professor Syndrome


Whenever I arrive back to the office from a long conference, I am always overwhelmed by the numerous items that I have to accomplish before leaving the office. I have to make online and offline lists (via Google Tasks) as I think about the items I learned from the conference and people I have to contact across campus. 

However, as I persist through the items on these lists, I experience a feeling of accomplishment. By the time I leave the office, usually after 5pm, I accomplish most of the items on the list. Then, I drive home only to answer students' e-mails and sift through my 300 daily e-mails on Gmail. 

This is the life of a millennial professor. I have to keep everything organized and I have to squeeze in time for my family as well. As I answer e-mail at home, I watch movies with my husband and I take my iPad with me as I garden and shop. Yes, I admit, I answer my students' e-mail messages as I eat lunch at La Madeleine on Saturday, browse books at Barnes and Noble, and pursue racks at Goodwill in search of great items for Environmental Communication Week. 

I embrace the fact that I am a 24 hour professor. A few years ago, I tried to avoid falling into the "24 hour professor" trap (i.e. - Does Graduate School Provide Millennial Professors for the Professional Environment), but now I am happy to embrace the fact that I am professionally connected to my students and my career. 


Millennial Professor - Jennifer T. Edwards, Ed.D.

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