Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Going Green on Campus - A Professor's Personal Journey Towards a Green Lifestyle


Over the past few semesters, I adopted a green lifestyle to help myself (and my students) make a small attempt to save the planet. Here are some lifestyle changes that I adopted:

1 - I stopped my daily dates with the department copier and I placed all of my class handouts and activities online. The only item that I give my students is a six page syllabus (front and back).

2 - I converted my midterm and final examinations from paper to electronic format by coping and pasting the items to Blackboard, our university's content management system, Blackboard.

3 - I give students a "note card" mini-quiz, in which the students complete two questions related to the chapter. These note cards use less paper and consume less space in my briefcase, while also enabling me to "go green" at the same time.

4 - I recycle all my printed paper. This include materials received via mail, articles, and students' notes.

5 - I print on both sides of pieces of paper. 

6 - I do not print conference schedules and also I do not take home conference bags. As a result, I minimize the amount of materials in my luggage. :)

7 - I use a reusable water bottle.

8 - I decorate my office with professional, yet trendy items from Goodwill.

9 - I use florescent light bulbs in my office.

10 - I use Google Documents in class to help the students avoid printing costs. Through this process, I always have access to the students' papers and they do not have to print a final copy of their papers.

11 - I practice organic gardening and consume my own veggies!

12 - I use my iPad to read academic papers and books.

These are my SIMPLE, yet effective ways to go green. I would love to read your green practices as well! :)

Millennial Professor - Jennifer T. Edwards, Ed.D.

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