Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Adopt This Technology - Prezi (A Great Review from Dr. Lora Helvie-Mason)


Have you heard of a great online software called Prezi? Dr. Lora Helvie-Mason, a good friend and fellow blogger, recently posted a great blog entry on Prezi! 

Here is a small exert from her blog post!

Prezi, found at, creates a zooming flow or conceptual map of your presentation that is not limited to the confines of a slide. When you are ready for a certain topic, the screen zooms toward that topic, it becomes the center of the screen and sized to be viewed as the focal point. When you transition, the screen shifts to your next topic and again situates that as the new focal point. Though PowerPoint can be incredibly useful and professional, students often type every word of their presentation on each slide and then read from it. Prezi allows a less-rigid display of knowledge which seems to enhance the students' abilities to speak extemporaneously.
Prezi sounds like a GREAT instructional tool and it seems relatively easy to learn! After reading Dr. Lora's recommendation, I will definitely take a few days to learn how to use Prezi in my classroom! Great job, Dr. Lora!


Millennial Professor - Jennifer T. Edwards, Ed.D.

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