Friday, April 8, 2011

Life on the Tenure Track - Questions and Answers (AERA Division J Emerging Scholars Pre-Conference)


Last week, we had a great discussion focused on the tenure track. Here are the questions and answers from the panel discussion:

Question - What are the requirements for tenure?
Answer - The institution type determines the tenure track. If you are
 in doubt about the tenure process, just ask the people who are in your department and/or people who will be voting on your tenure.

Question - 
Do you ask "how many publications do I need" in the faculty job search process.

Answer - If your department does not require an annual review process, then just ask for one and then document your annual review.

Question - 
What about service?

Answer - It depends on university and their requirements. Some universities REALLY value service and others do not. 
What do you define as meaningful service? Service at the national, regional, local, etc. 

Answer - (By the way, a really neat piece of advice.) -> C

onnect your service to your scholarship. Take the findings from your paper that may be valuable for practice. Have a brown bag and facilitate a discussion in the community. Marry the two (research and service).

 Make your teaching, research, and service fit with one another.
 Make sure your research and your personal interests merge with one another.

Question -
How do you protect your research time? 
Answer - Try to carve one or two writing days a week.

Question - How do you make yourself stand out on your CV? 
Answer - Market yourself through your experience and your research. 
Strategize! In your doctoral program, try to figure out what will make you stand out! Run for an office position and gain a national platform. Network with others who can mentor you!

What question would you ask the panel?


Millennial Professor - Jennifer T. Edwards, Ed.D.

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