Thursday, April 7, 2011

Life on the Tenure Track - I Was Invited to Attend the Division J Emerging Scholar Preconference!!!


Today, I am attending the AERA Division J - Emerging Scholars Workshop in New Orleans, LA. It is very exciting! The attendees are from a variety of different univeristies from across the nation! The attendees are from a various universities and I think this is a great opportunity for new and emerging faculty in the field!

Yesterday, I worked for most of the day and night responding to student emails and grading student papers. When I finished my communication for the evening, I visited the concierge lounge. To my suprise, I discovered that they served a FREE meal! Okay, I have to tell you about a wonderful meal - sun dried tomato pasta, turkey tetrazini, salad with balsamic vingerette, french onion soup, and mini cheese cakes! Yum! I am going to have to watch my waistline here. :)

Everyone just finished their introductions and I am so excited to network with such amazing people! They also have a panel discussion focused on higher education research and the tenure track.


Millennial Professor - Dr. Jennifer T. Edwards

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