Thursday, May 19, 2011

Funding Opportunities - Electronic Links to University Research Office Blogs, etc.


I hope to write at least one NSF proposal this year. My colleague and I worked on one of our mutual interests this semester (ECW2011) and I rediscovered my love of renewable energy and sustainability. As communicators, we plan to work with the science department on campus on a program proposal. I am really looking forward to this!

As a result, a large part of my summer break will be spent teaching, researching, and writing grants. Here are some great resources for grant announcements and information focused on grants.:

NMU Grants and Research Blog

Grantopedia: From Proposal to Practice - Research Matters

Dolores' List of CFPs

Office of Research and Sponsored Programs - Appalachian State University

University of Texas at Austin - Research Alerts

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - Research Support

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - Funding Opportunities

Grantwriter's Blog

Enjoy the resources!


Millennial Professor - Jennifer T. Edwards, Ed.D.

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