Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wandering Wednesdays - The Tenure Track Blog Graveyard & Hope


For this Wednesday's Wandering blog posts, I decided to look for blogs that fit my current situation....the tenure track. Unfortunately, almost every blog that I encountered did not have current posts. For example, one blog focused on one person's first year, but the person never persisted to the second year of their tenure track blog posts. Here are some examples:

Life on the Tenure-Track for a CJ Prof

Teaching and Service and Scholarship! Oh My!

Tenure Track Woman

After looking at these forgotten blogs, it makes me wonder about the individuals who started the blogs (mostly women) and their ultimate fate. Did they receive tenure? Did they become stay-at-home mothers? Did they become discouraged in their blogging journey? Unfortunately, these blogs are like forgotten tombstones in a overgrown cemetery. Just left and forgotten without any flowers (blog comments) or mentions (on others' blogs).

Then, I started looking for recent blogs on the tenure track process (updated in the past month).

Communication and Higher Education: Life on the Tenure Track at a Teaching Institution

Balanced Instability: Adventures on the Tenure Track

On the Fence: A Blog for Indecisive Academics Who are on the Market, or Currently Employed in Academe, But Considering Non-Academic Job Options

Babies, a PhD and Me

Now these blogs were inspiring. Most of them are written by women and most of them focus on work-life balance, a subject for which I have a large interest. I am very excited about following these four blogs focused on the tenure-track journey and I hope you will follow them as well!


Millennial Professor - Jennifer T. Edwards, Ed.D.

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