Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Do You Recycle Your Syllabus Every Year? Think Outside of the Box!


Sometimes, I have to remind myself, my students, and my coworkers to think "outside of the box". As academics, we can become accustomed to performing the same task the same way year, after year, after year... 

Think about your syllabus, do you just recycle the SAME syllabus EVERY SINGLE YEAR? Does your pre-fall or pre-spring process include changing the date and page numbers? Unfortunately, this process is true for many of my academic colleagues across the nation. 

Try something different this year, look at your evaluations and reflect on your personal experiences with the students in the courses. Take their suggestions into consideration. Talk to your colleagues at other institutions who are teaching similar classes and look at the blogs of professors who teach your courses at other higher education institutions.

My mantra for the fall semester is to "think outside of the box". What will YOU do differently?


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