Friday, August 19, 2011

Freebie Friday - Take Advantage of Back-to-School Savings Opportunities! - Texas Tax Free Holiday, Office Depot, & Staples


In Texas, this is the LAST week before public school begins (K-12). Parents and their students are frantically purchasing the last items on their school supply lists and they are taking advantage of the TAX FREE HOLIDAY! This means that we will not have to pay taxes on school supplies and clothing items under $100.00. 

Here's my list:
- BIC Stick Pens (great for classroom giveaways throughout the semester AND paper surveys)
- Post-It Notes and Tabs
- Vera Bradley Calculator
- White Blouse from Gap
- Nine West Pumps and Flats
- Knock Knock Notebooks (and note pads) - I hope these are tax free.
***I plan to make most of my purchases online.*** :)

This includes backpacks as well. This item looks great for weekend writing sessions:

***Discover MORE about the tax free holiday here -

Also, if you are NOT in Texas, take advantage of these great coupons from Office Depot AND Staples:

Office Depot:


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