Monday, August 22, 2011

New Semester Prep Week (1/5) - My Long-Semester Checklist


When preparing for a new semester, what game plan do you usually adopt? I refer to my long semester checklist, which includes the following:

1 - Write an pre-course e-mail to each of the students in my online courses. This includes my expectations for the semester, an overview of the course, the technical requirements for the course, and 

2 - Uploading the blackboard courses from the repository.

3 - Changing the dates on the assignments.

4 - Finalizing the last draft of the syllabus.

5 - Uploading the syllabus on blackboard.

6 - Check each of the widgets on blackboard (Twitter and Yahoo Instant Messenger) to make sure that they are compatible with the new blackboard course.

7 - Draft the e-mail for the first week of school (complete with action items for the week).

8 - Make paper copies of the syllabus.

9 - Print my roll for the semester.

10 - Check my notes for the first week of school! :)

What are some items on your to do list?


J. Edwards

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