Monday, August 29, 2011

Hello Fall 2011 (1/5) - The First Day of Classes!


Today was the first day of classes at my university. I have two upper-level classes on MWFs and I enjoy teaching these classes EARLY in the morning (9 a.m. and 10 a.m.). Each fall, I teach the same classes, but I change small aspects of the classes according to current research and student evaluations.

I look forward to the beginning of each fall semester, because I purchase a new dress (or suit) for the first day of classes! This year, I purchased a new dress and new shoes (tall shoes) for today's classes! I enjoyed wearing my new outfit for the first day and I always get that new burst of energy from the new clothes and new school supplies! Here's a picture of my new shoes! :)

The first class, Intercultural Communication, is one of my favorites! I enjoy hearing the students tell stories about their diverse experiences. The second class, Interpersonal Communication, is a mandatory class for the communication department and other departments on campus. This class is always filled with wonderful students and I am looking forward for an exciting semester!

Also, one of my dear friends, Prof. Cristi Horton placed the cutest gift on my desk last Friday for the first week of classes! I left the gift on my desk over the weekend, because I needed that extra burst of energy on Monday! I opened the gift and I was very pleased to find a portable post-it note holder for my bag! This gift was much appreciated, because my husband commented on my post-it note "to do list" last night. This summer, I started using 20 post-it notes per day. :) Yes, I recycle at home AND at the office! :)

Both Intercultural and Interpersonal students will work on group research projects this semester. Last semester these projects focused on diversity and the students presented their research at our university's research symposium. This year, we are focused on the Social Media Conference and the students will have to link social media and interpersonal/intercultural issues. 

Today in class, the students chose their topics and many of them are EXCITED about investigating their chosen topics! Last semester's students and this semester's students will be invited to submit their papers for the Tarleton Undergraduate Research Symposium in October, the Texas A&M University System Student Research Symposium in November, and the Southern States Communication Association in March. :)

I hope you had a great first day! 


J. Edwards

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