Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hello Fall 2011 (2/5) - Time Management Strategies for the Semester (Responding to E-mail)


This semester, I decided that I need to refine my time management skills and to establish a better balance between work and personal life. I usually respond to messages from my online and face-to-face classes within an hour (or two), but this year, I think that I am going to move to a 12 hour time frame. Responding to e-mail messages can become a very time consuming process and I have to reduce the amount of time that I spend typing and retyping replies to e-mail messages.

Here are some time management strategies that I currently use:

1 - When a few students have the same question, I send the students an initial response and then I send the response to all students in a question and answer format.

2 - I save ALL of my received messages and sent messages every semester. The pdf documents from each semester have helped me to form a wonderful repository of message replies. Then, I copy and paste the answers to questions that I typically encounter every semester. :)

Here are some time management strategies that I plan to use:

1 - Replying to students within a 12 hour time frame (while I am at work and during office hours at home).

2  - Typing responses on my iPad. For some reason, I dislike my pop-up iPad keyboard and I started using the Apple bluetooth keyboard instead of the keyboard on the screen. I love this keyboard MUCH better than the keyboard on the screen!

Do you have any suggestions for me? I value your suggestions! :)


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  1. protect some research time by scheduling it and putting it in your calendar. This sounds simple, but I had trouble "protecting" my research time as meetings crept up and students emailed. Now it is a set appointment and I schedule around it.


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