Thursday, August 11, 2011

Masterchef and Hell's Kitchen in the Classroom - Interpersonal Communication and Organizational Communication


This summer, I became a loyal viewer of the show "Masterchef" on Fox. Whenever I watch a new show or have a new experience, I try to apply this experience in my face-to-face and online classrooms.

This year, I think that I will incorporate Masterchef in Interpersonal Communication this fall. Despite the small group aspect of the show, Masterchef gives viewers a wealth of positive and negative interpersonal communication examples. In addition, this show presents viewers with an interesting dynamic between the hosts/Masterchefs and the contestants.

In addition to Masterchef, I became a casual viewer (at first) of Hell's Kitchen. Now, this show is FILLED with examples for the Small Group Communication courses. In this course, the teams compete against each other in weekly challenges.

I RARELY show movies in class, but I do incorporate 30 minute television shows in class because it allows the class to review the concept before watching the show and then to have an oral reflection period after the show.

Which television show and/or movies do you incorporate in your classes?

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