Monday, August 8, 2011

My Summer Reflection - A Wealth of Opportunities and Experiences


This summer has been incredibly busy! I am teaching two 10-week online classes (upper-level communication studies courses), working with an undergraduate researcher on a project, and organizing my home for the upcoming semester!

Despite the number of projects that I have this summer, I am very grateful for this small amount of time with my friends and family. I value my vegetable garden (in spite of the Texas heat) and my fruit trees. This summer, I tried a new! It has been a great stress reducer for me and my husband.
Unfortunately, my online teaching schedule and academic conference schedules have left little time for research. So, I will definitely have to play catch up in the fall semester. Since I started the undergraduate research projects in my upper-level communication courses, I am forced to "model the way" for the students and write a complete research paper for them to create their research papers. None of the topics are the same and their papers follow a similar format to my papers, but they take their own research approaches! :) Very rewarding! I cannot wait for the students to submit their papers to a journal! :) I need to submit my papers to a journal as well! :)
I hope you are having a great summer and that you are experiencing a slightly more productive summer with your research! :)


J. Edwards

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