Tuesday, August 9, 2011

An Intrapersonal Reflection Activity - Write Your Own Obituary


This activity may sound a little morbid, but I think it is a very important reflection and goal-oriented activity for almost anyone! What do you want inscribed on your tombstone? What do you want others to say about you at your funeral?

Here's an activity for you (perhaps for others you know as well)...

***This information was gathered from a blog post titled, "Wake-Up Call: Write Your Obituary" by Marelisa at Stepcase Lifehack.***


Here are some "prompts" for you:

- If I died today, would I be happy?
- Am I satisfied with the direction in which my life is headed?
- Am I happy with the legacy that I'm creating?
- What's missing from my life?
- What do I need to do in order for my obituary to be "complete"?

Thanks Marelisa at Stepcase Lifehack! :)

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