Monday, September 5, 2011

Faculty Work-Life Balance Series (1/5) - 10 Ways to De-Stress This Semester!!


This semester (and other semesters) are usually filled with stress (at one time or another). This year, I plan to minimize my stress as much as I possibly can by doing the following: practicing yoga, eating healthy foods, maintaining an increased level of organization between work and home, attending church, and maintaining a positive attitude. 

In addition, the local public library is sponsoring a reading challenge for adults during the fall semester and I cannot wait to start reading my fiction and non-fiction books related to non-academic issues (a slight break). I plan to read at least one book a week (or every two weeks). We shall see!

During the labor day weekend, I started planning my fall garden and reading the forgotten magazines from the summertime. I am finally finished reading my issues of Self, Glamour, Family Circle, Better Homes and Gardens, Inc. (one of my favorites), and Woman's Day. I enjoy reading magazines because this slight break enables me to refocus on my academic schedule during the week. 

In the September 2011 issue of Self, there was a great mini-article titled, "Self's 10 Quickie Ways to...Get Rid of Your Stress". Here are the quickie ways:

1 - Download the Just Inhale App (4.5/5 Stars)
This app is FREE and it encourages users to practice several breathing exercises.
Breathing Zone Free - Relaxing Breathing Exercises

2 - Chomp on Chocolate

3 - Strike a Yoga Pose
*Oh yeah, this month is also National Yoga Month. Find a FREE Yoga class near you!

4 - Say NO! 
*This semester is going to be an extremely busy semester for me and my daily mantra is focused on the word, "no". I will NOT do anything that will not benefit my tenure portfolio this year.

5 - Give Back by Volunteering
*As academics, I think that we have the volunteer aspect covered, but just in case you need some additional service on your plate, you can search for local volunteer opportunities on

6 - Pucker Up
*Kisses actually help humans release feel-good hormones. :)

7 - Play Away Angst (DOWNLOAD a GAME)! :)
*Right now, I love the Angry Birds Game - Rio Edition. :)

8 - Light a Lavender Candle
*I love lavender, but unfortunately we are not able to have candles in our offices. As a result, I purchased a few Glade Sense and Spray devices which spray a beautiful fragrance when I enter my office in the morning. In addition, this device is GREAT when a student enters the office as well. Sniffing lavender can help us lower levels of stress-related chemicals. :)

9 - Plan a Vacay
*This is one thing that I have NOT planned this semester. Most of my travel plans involve academic travel. I need to plan a short vacay for a few days around Thanksgiving. Any ideas?

10 - Pet a Pooch
*Our family has a miniature schnauzer that makes our lives complete! There is nothing like coming home to a furry dog that is excited that you have arrived back home after a long day! :)

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