Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Faculty Work-Life Balance Series (3/5) - Wandering Wednesdays - "Too Hot To Teach" Blog

This is our second week of school and I am very excited to share a neat blog with you. This week's Wandering Wednesday's Blog is focused on work-life balance and it is written by three lovely academic bloggers (Professor KM, Miss Kat, and Part-Time KC). Most of their posts focus on the celebrations and perils of being young, fierce, female and faculty. Wow, I remember those young and fierce days, now I feel almost tenured and _______ (insert adjective here).

Their blog helps me reflect on my first six years of teaching in higher education. Yes, it has been SIX YEARS! Here are the categories that are featured on their blog:

Their blog features a WEALTH of personal/professional reflection and an equal amount of neat teaching ideas. 

Visit their blog here -


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