Thursday, September 8, 2011

Faculty Work-Life Balance Series (4/5) - Yoga and Higher Education (Celebrating National Yoga Month)!

I am excited to tell announce that this month is National YOGA month! This exciting because many Yoga studios are offering FREE classes this month! Enter your information in the National Yoga Month website to find classes near you!

This summer, I started practicing yoga to become more flexible (I hate injuries), to gain a stronger focus on my work and family life, and to minimize the impact of stress on my life. Life for faculty and students is a hard life and many people outside of higher education do not realize the stress level of both of these groups.
Through yoga, I have met a wonderful group of older and younger women (and men) who embrace fitness and health. The older women use the balance balls in the back of the room and the rest of us are on double-mats. I try to avoid double-mats, but the nice women who are taking the class with me make sure that I have an additional mat before the class begins. God bless them!
During the summer, we had 105+ days in July and August and this prevented me from walking to the local gym to persist through my yoga class. However, the meteorologists predict that September is the month to expect cooler weather (and possibly rain). So, later this month, I plan to continue my yoga journey and to meet my old (no pun intended) friends again.

Do you practice yoga or another fitness activities to relieve your stressful days? Please share! :)


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