Monday, September 26, 2011

Tenure Revisited (1/5) - My Personal and Ongoing Journey...Persisting Through the Tenure Process


During this month, I have been focused on the tenure process. Every year, I set goals for my teaching, research, and service requirements. This year, I am more focused on undergraduate research, large-scale university events, and cross-collaborative research efforts. I hope to start working with a few of the professors from the STEM fields on a grant (or two).

This week's post is focused on the tenure process. Tenure is such a topic of conversation in Texas (as well as the nation) and there are various positive and negative views focused on the tenure process. Despite the attacks to the tenure process, I revisit my tenure portfolio and the tenure requirements for my department to determine how I can exceed my own expectations regarding teaching, research, and service. I attempt to integrate all three of the requirements in every activity that I choose to pursue. 

Despite the individual nature of the tenure process, I try to make each of my research projects and service activities a collaborative process to help early career faculty in their tenure process. Sometimes it is hard for others to persist through this process and I try to help as many people as possible.


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