Thursday, October 13, 2011

31 Spooky Ways to Integrate Adobe Software in Higher Education (Post 10/31) - Using Adobe Software to Create E-Porfolios


Our university (and many other universities across the state of Texas) are focused on assessment and evaluation. One way that some colleges at our university are conducting program assessment is through the usage of online portfolios.

Adobe has a potentially low-cost solution for universities! College faculty and students can use Abobe projects to create their portfolios and they can distribute the portfolio via e-mail or by posting it to the web (perhaps to their blog or the department's website).

White Paper: Adobe Portfolio - Using ePortfolios to demonstrate growth and Access Learning (PDF, 103k)

Portfolio Samples
Check out the samples of these portfolios (including a portfolio examples for a high school student college professor, college administrator, biology student, and design student).

Do you require your students to use portfolios to showcase their work (perhaps in a capstone course)?


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