Friday, October 14, 2011

Freebie Friday! - Kleenex Share a Pack & Receive a Pack Campaign!


Everyday, it seems like I am crying (from one eye) while walking to class and working in my office. I am just overly sad about my students' academic work, my relationship with my colleagues, and my daily morning commute. ;( Ha! No, actually I am VERY excited about EVERYTHING this semester and I LOVE my commute because it helps me mentally prepare and persist through a debriefing process each evening!

However, I have HORRIBLE allergies (ragweed, etc.) and they always seem to affect one eye. :( As a result, I always carry a package of Kleenex in my Vera Bradley bag. This week, I requested a sample of the new Kleenex Brand Cool Touch products and I sent my sample package to one of my colleagues (Future) Dr. Cristi Horton. Last year, she gave me this wonderful commuter's pack (which I will have to feature later) and I have always had Kleenex for the road!

and remember to share a pack with a colleague!


J. Edwards

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