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31 Spooky Ways to Integrate Adobe Software in Higher Education (Post 16/31): Free Faculty Training Workshops on Adobe Products (A Comprehensive List)


Last Friday, the Center for Instructional Innovation at my university sponsored two amazing workshops by Dr. Dakin Burdick titled, "The Lively Discussion:  Getting Students to Talk and Learn." Friday was a LONG day (1 hour to commute to campus, 2 hours of teaching, 1 hour of working with students, 1 hour of helping my students present a workshop through our Texas Social Media Research Institute), but I wanted to take time to attend Dr. Burdick's workshop. I strongly believe in professional development AND I believe in the effective use of university professional development funds (WHY would people decide NOT to attend a "free" ON-CAMPUS workshop)!

Dakin Burdick Header
This workshop helped me develop some new ideas for my online and face-to-face classes! I LOVE new ideas!

Speaking of free workshops, Adobe has a webpage on their website titled, "Adobe Higher Education Faculty Development Workshops: Workshops for Using Digital Communication Tools in Teaching and Learning". These workshops form a great resource for online and face-to-face faculty in the higher education environment. 

Each of the workshops listed below feature: a) a comprehensive workshop guide, b) PowerPoint Presentation, and c) assets.

- Web Graphics with Fireworks 8: Building Web Graphics

- Web Graphics with Dreamweaver: Building a Curriculum Vitae

- Multimedia with Flash 8: Building a Digital Narrative

- Website Consistency with Dreamweaver 8 and Fireworks 8: Building a Website Structure

- Web Communication with Contribute 3: Creating and Editing Web Pages

- Faculty and Student Communication with Adobe 8 Professional: Collaborating Through Interactive Documents

- Campus Communication with Acrobat 8 Professional: Enhancing Administrative Workflow

Question - For which workshop do you have the most interest?



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