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31 Spooky Ways to Integrate Adobe Software in Higher Education (Post 17/31): iDevices (iPods, iPads, etc.) & Adobe Products


Smart phones (and smart devices) are becoming popular among college students (and professors alike). I teach students attending a mid-sized institution in central Texas (a rural regional university). Here's the interesting part, only three of my 95 students actually have a iPad (or a similar device) and slightly over 60 percent of them have a smart phone. None of the students indicated that they have a Nook or a e-reader device.

iPods for All?
However, it would be interesting if individual departments (or a Junior/Senior Learning Community) would require to their students (and faculty) to purchase iPods (if they do not already have an iPhone) as part of the upper-level courses they complete. These students and faculty would integrate the iPod in their classes (i.e. - responding to in-class quizzes, listening to assigned podcasts, watching Youtube videos and responding to the video in class). This would alleviate the need for some classes to be held in computer labs.

The Social Media/Social Networking Course and iDevices
Interestingly enough, I am teaching a Social Media/Social Networking course in the spring. If most of the students have iDevices (or if I set this requirement before the class starts), I think that the class will take an interesting (and great) turn for the better. I am frantically searching for a computer lab around campus, but we have not had any luck finding one for my class time. 

Using Adobe Nav to Modify Photoshop Photos! (Great for journalism classes and classes that include photostory assignments (i.e. - service learning, etc.)!)


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