Wednesday, October 26, 2011

31 Spooky Ways to Integrate Adobe Software in Higher Education (Post 18/31): Spicing Up Your Syllabus Using Adobe Software (InDesign & Video Format)


Sometimes, we recycle our syllabi from semester to semester. When I mention "recycle", I do not mean the physical act of placing the syllabus in the bin for the recycling process to begin, I mean actually reducing the number of brain cells used to create the syllabus and to reuse the same syllabus from last semester. 

Yes, its harsh, but I am being honest! Personally, I always add new items to my syllabus (a new link to a social media technology, a new reading, etc.) to prevent myself (and my students) from becoming stagnant (and to keep us on our toes)!

Here are two ways you can SPICE up your syllabus using Adobe Products:

Adobe InDesign and the Virtual Syllabus (Magazine Format)
To create my class syllabus and assignments, I plan to use InDesign (or Illustrator). Alternatively, I could create a "virtual/e-magazine" to disperse core course content instead of the standard syllabus. This way, the syllabus could take an organic (instead of a stagnant) approach and it could potentially be more engaging than the traditional PDF or Word format.

Adobe InDesign and the Virtual Syllabus (Video Format)
Alternatively, a professor could use Adobe Captivate to make a video of their syllabus and to feature frequent questions and answers from past semesters. This might be a great item to embed in an online course.


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