Thursday, November 24, 2011

Interactive Assignments and Activities for Undergraduate Classrooms (Post 4/5) - "Using Adobe Captivate in Online Classes"


This week is dedicated to interactive assignments and activities for undergraduate classrooms! :) I am highlighting some activities from our university's 8th Annual Excellence in Teaching Conference.

Here is our fourth highlighted activity! - "Using Adobe Captivate in Online Classes" by Dr. Christopher Guthrie.

A Small Description of the Activity:
Based on my personal experience, I will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of using Adobe Captivate to present course content in online classes.  My overall thesis will be that even thou there are some drawbacks to using this presentation software, the benefits outweigh the liabilities.  I will show pieces of my Captivate lectures to illustrate this presentation.

Activity Handouts:
Dr. Guthrie provided a short demo on how to use Captivate (an eLearning content capture and creation tool) to create interactive tutorials for instructors who design, create, and modify software demonstrations, interactive simulations, branching scenarios, and quizzes.

Features include:
- SWF (shockwave file) commenting
- Professional project templates 
- Customizable widgets
- Roundtrip PowerPoint workflow
- Table of Contents and Aggregator
- Text-to-speech functionality
- Rich animations

Supplemental Material:

What do you think about this activity?


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