Monday, November 21, 2011

Interactive Assignments and Activities for Undergraduate Classrooms (Post 1/5) - "Ticket in the Door"



I love searching for new activities to integrate in my undergraduate classrooms (either face-to-face and hybrid classroom environments). Every year, our university hosts an Excellence in Teaching Conference that highlights innovative activities that Tarleton professors are integrating in their classrooms.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to attend this annual conference because it always occurs on the same week as the Southern States Communication Association conference. However, under the direction of Dr. Credence Baker and Mr. Doug Hanna, this conference has blossomed and has become one of the primer events on our campus.

This week is dedicated to interactive assignments and activities for undergraduate classrooms! :)

Here is our first highlighted activity! - "Ticket in the Door"

A Small Description of the Activity:
To ensure that students are prepared for class, a Ticket in the Door is required.  The Ticket may be a highlighted reading assignment, questions for group discussion, information from websites that collaborate or dispute information from text, etc.

Activity Handouts:

Supplemental Material:

What do you think about this activity?


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