Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Interactive Assignments and Activities for Undergraduate Classrooms (Post 2/5) - "A System for Developing an Online Class that Works for Me"


This week is dedicated to interactive assignments and activities for undergraduate classrooms! :) I am highlighting some activities from our university's 8th Annual Excellence in Teaching Conference.

Here is our second highlighted activity! - "A System for Developing an Online Class that Works for Me" by Frank Ewell

A Small Description of the Activity:
In the process of constructing online classes over the years, I have developed a procedure that works for me. I believe that this system could work for other faculty in similar disciplines or at least help them plan and construct their online class. This is not a fixed system and I expect it to evolve as new technology becomes available.

Activity Handouts:

Supplemental Material:

What do you think about this activity?


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