Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Pinterest in Higher Education Series (#PinterestinHigherEd) - 2/5 Ways to Use Pinterest in the College Classroom Environment (Finding and Organizing Infographics)


One way to use Pinterest in Higher Education is to search for and organize infographics! Lately, I have started to use infographics in my upper-level communication classes and also in the Texas Social Media Research Institute's (TSMRI) events/activities.

Now for definitions! A infographic is a pictorial representation of data in a potentially engaging format. <- Hey, I just made that up! ;) 

Personally, I think that infographics will replace conference poster presentations in the next few years! The images seems to be more engaging than a traditional poster format. Which is GREAT for conference presentations, because you want the participants to visit YOUR poster! :) 

Also, students can use their self-created, infographics on blogs and in their in-class presentations. The only downside is the preponderance of ink that might be used to create the "infographic poster".

Pinterest can be used to ORGANIZE your infographics! Here's an example of one user's infographic boards on higher education (among other issues) - http://pinterest.com/hexiaobo/infographics/


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