Monday, December 5, 2011

Social Media Conference (#SMC2011) - Weekly Planning Meeting Healthy Snack List - Popcorn Indiana, Kroger, Sprouts, Ozarka Water


This weekend, I was able to gain a few extra hours of sleep (this is the rest that I lost during ECW2011). I am so thankful for wonderful faculty, interns, and an amazing conference! 

Throughout the semester, the interns requested to plan the end of the year party and I kindly obliged, because I used a lot of my personal funds to purchase snacks for each of the meetings. However, I do have to point out Ms. Mulhern and Dr. Maben's generosity during some of the meetings this semester! They were amazing!

Later, I discovered that this party had a distinct theme. ;) I will post more about this themed party later. :)

Usually, I shopped at Kroger (Granbury, TX) or Sprouts (Fort Worth, TX) the night before the meeting to make sure that I had fresh snacks and healthy foods to bring to each of the TSMRI meetings.


Usually, our weekly snacks consisted of the following:

- Popcorn Indiana - Cinnamon Sugar Popcorn (This was a FAVORITE among of the 15 members of TSMRI.) -
*In fact, I called the Popcorn Indiana company to see if they would be interested in providing samples or coupons for the Social Media Conference next year!

- Crunch Pak - Apple Slices (

- Oreos

- Ozarka Water (
*We always had a gallon of cold Ozarka Water on our meeting table. 

- Vegetable Trays

- Fruit Trays

- Cupcakes

Overall, we were FULL by the end of each meeting and we remained relatively healthy throughout the semester.

I hope that we are able to gain meeting sponsors and event sponsors throughout the year! Does anyone want to function as a food sponsor for the Texas Social Media Research Institute or the Social Media Conference 2011? :)

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