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Monday, November 8, 2021

FREE 11th Annual Texas Social Media Conference - Here's the November Schedule!

Yes! I am excited! We are getting back into the training and development mode with the Texas Social Media Research Institute (and the Rural Communication Institute)! Are you looking for a FREE conference focused on social media and rural communication? Check out our conference schedule!

Tuesday, November 2nd
5pm - Journal Club (Discussing "Reality check: How adolescents use
TikTok as a digital backchanneling medium to speak back against
institutional discourses of school(ing)."

Thursday, November 4th
8pm - #TXSocialMedia Twitter Chat - Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Sweater
Weather, and Autumn/Winter Social Media Outreach Strategies

Monday, November 8th
6pm - How Public Health Agencies in the United States in the United
Kingdom Communicate with their Target Audience During the COVID19
Pandemic (Presented by: Riley Odom, Megan Mackay, Erin McDonald,
Bayley Chenault, Sydney Brown)

8pm - How the Texas Department of Health and Safety and Colorado
Department of Health and Environment are Communicating about
Health During COVID19 (Presented By: Halie Hix, Shelby Hargrove,
Magnolia Dunlap, Michaela Bierman, Steven Duncan)

Tuesday, November 9th
5pm - Journal Club - Discussing the article: "We (Want To) Believe in
the Best of Men: A Qualitative Analysis of Reactions to
#Gillette on Twitter"

7pm - How the United States Federal Government and the State of Texas
Communicate with the Public During the Pandemic (Presented by: Kristi
Cortez, Jessica Thomas, Kennedy Onuam, Julia Nolen)

Thursday, November 11th
3pm - Neurodiversity at Work; Assignment Construction Strategies for
Creative Thinkers in Online Teams (Presented By: Melanie Mason (University
of Texas at Arlington)

8pm - #TXSocialMedia Twitter Chat - Veterans Day and How the Military
Engages the Public Through Social Media
Thursday, November 11th

11:59pm - #TXSocialMedia Undergraduate and Graduate Fellowship
Applications Due

Sunday, November 14th
6:30 pm - How the Louisiana Department of Education and the Texas
Education Agency are Communicating about Health During COVID19
(Presented By: Katherine Mitchell, Audrey Morton, Jorge Irizarry,
Audrey Morton, Morgan Maley, Christina Byrd)

Monday, November 15th
7pm - #TXSocialMedia LIVE: Let's Network Session on Zoom -
Social Media and Privacy - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Tuesday, November 16th
1pm - Connecting & Engaging with Students -
Presented By: Narissra Punyanunt-Carter & Dr. Ryan Martinez (Texas Tech University)

3pm - Alzheimer's (and Rural Health) Community Forum for Tarleton
Staff and Faculty- Register online:

5pm - Journal Club - Discussing "Small Businesses Still Missing the Boat
on Social Media and Internet Advertising."

Thursday, November 18th
8pm - #TXSocialMedia Twitter Chat - National Rural Health Day -
Innovative Ways Rural Residents Can Practice Preventative Care

Monday, November 21st
7pm - #TXSocialMedia LIVE: Let's Network Session on Zoom - Innovative
Ways TikTok Can Be Utilized in Education, Business, and Life

Saturday, November 27th
All Day - Use the Hashtag #ShopSmall for Small Business Saturday

Monday, November 28th
7pm - #TXSocialMedia LIVE: Let's Network Session on Zoom -
Social Media and Health - How Does Social Media Impact Our Health?

Tuesday, November 30th
12:30pm - Student-based Resourcing: Responding to Increased Needs as
a Rural Institution (Presented by: Dr. Lora Helvie-Mason
& Cameron Ellner, Tarleton State University)

6pm - How the Texas Department of Health and Human Services
and the State of Louisiana Department of Health are Communicating
About Health (Presented By: Averill Hubbard, Zachary Mesa, Dylan
Antonelli, Olivia Teague, Kyon Barnes)

7pm - #TXSocialMedia LIVE: Let's Network Session on Zoom -
Hooked on Social: Social Media the New Kid's Toy?
Are They Becoming Hooked TOO EARLY?

National Day of Giving - Give to the Rural Communication Institute and
the Texas Social Media Research Institute

National Mason Jar Day -
Highlight Innovative Ways You Can Use Mason Jars
(Use the #TXSocialMedia and #ThinkRuralComm hashtags)

Save-the-Date & Call for Proposals
The 12th Annual #TXSocialMedia Conference & the 3rd Annual Rural
Communication Conference will be held on Friday, April 22, 2022 in Fort
Worth Texas. Submit a Proposal -

Here's the entire schedule and the individual links for each session:

I hope you will join us!


Dr. Jennifer T. Edwards
Professor of Communication
Executive Director of the Texas Social Media Research Institute & Rural Communication Institute

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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Did I Hold It Together During the Graduation Ceremony? You Decide!

Last night was one of the best experiences that I've had in academia. I've worked at the same university for the past ten years and by far, this has been my proudest moment so far.

The Tarleton State University Communication Studies Department celebrated its first two communication studies graduates at the master's level. Mr. Winston Dawson and Ms. Becca Long have always been trend setters for their peers, but last night they proved that they mastered their academic discipline. 

When Becca asked me to "hood" in the December graduation ceremony a few weeks ago, I was so excited to add this important event to my calendar! I told her that I would not miss it for the world!

I've known Becca for the past six (almost seven) years! She was one of the first undergraduate students involved with the Texas Social Media Research Institute (@TSMRI) and we have been proud of her since that point. We also keep up with all of our graduates and their career progression!

I met Winston six years ago and he is the funniest person that I know. He always has a smile on his face and he impacts all individuals around him! He actually attended my secret baby shower planned by the first class of @TSMRI interns. I've always admired him for attending and supporting my journey as a parent. 

Traivohn, Torri, and Lizzie
We also had three undergraduate students accomplish the first part of their academic journey as well. These students have been some of the most creative and most motivational students I've ever encountered. I immediately think of these students when I think about the student learning outcomes from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB). These students served as trendsetters for their peers and I was excited to see them cross the stage!

I also told them that they had to keep in contact with me through our Friday check-in meetings on Twitter group messages. I have a recurring meeting in my schedule to remind me to initiate the communication if I do not hear from them.

This experience marks the end of their bachelor's level or master's level graduate journey, but it does not represent the end of their academic journey! I look forward to hearing about their next accomplishments!


J. Edwards

Have a great week! Thanks for visiting the Millennial Professor Blog!

Dr. Jennifer T. Edwards

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Monday, August 18, 2014

How to Launch a Student-Run Social Media Endeavor - TSMRI's Session at SxSWedu 2014!

The Texas Social Media Research Institute (TSMRI) was selected to present a session at last year's SxSWedu event in Austin! We were very excited (as you can tell on the sound cloud file below, we had a great session!

Remember to VOTE for us this year! Here's the link -

Thanks to Dr. Sarah Maben and Dr. Paul Stafford for all of their hard work on this session!

Sincerely - @drjtedwardsTSU

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Our Animoto Christmas Card! - Happy Holidays from the Texas Social Media Research Institute (TSMRI)!


This semester, I learned SO MUCH about social media from Ms. Yvonne Mulhern (Tarleton State University). She introduced me to a WEALTH of new social media tools. Most recently, she informed me about ANIMOTO! :)

Here is our Animoto Video Christmas Card!

Thanks Yvonne (@misscybrarian)! You are amazing!

Here's some more information about Animoto and the new iPhone App!


J. Edwards

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Monday, December 5, 2011

Social Media Conference (#SMC2011) - Weekly Planning Meeting Healthy Snack List - Popcorn Indiana, Kroger, Sprouts, Ozarka Water


This weekend, I was able to gain a few extra hours of sleep (this is the rest that I lost during ECW2011). I am so thankful for wonderful faculty, interns, and an amazing conference! 

Throughout the semester, the interns requested to plan the end of the year party and I kindly obliged, because I used a lot of my personal funds to purchase snacks for each of the meetings. However, I do have to point out Ms. Mulhern and Dr. Maben's generosity during some of the meetings this semester! They were amazing!

Later, I discovered that this party had a distinct theme. ;) I will post more about this themed party later. :)

Usually, I shopped at Kroger (Granbury, TX) or Sprouts (Fort Worth, TX) the night before the meeting to make sure that I had fresh snacks and healthy foods to bring to each of the TSMRI meetings.


Usually, our weekly snacks consisted of the following:

- Popcorn Indiana - Cinnamon Sugar Popcorn (This was a FAVORITE among of the 15 members of TSMRI.) -
*In fact, I called the Popcorn Indiana company to see if they would be interested in providing samples or coupons for the Social Media Conference next year!

- Crunch Pak - Apple Slices (

- Oreos

- Ozarka Water (
*We always had a gallon of cold Ozarka Water on our meeting table. 

- Vegetable Trays

- Fruit Trays

- Cupcakes

Overall, we were FULL by the end of each meeting and we remained relatively healthy throughout the semester.

I hope that we are able to gain meeting sponsors and event sponsors throughout the year! Does anyone want to function as a food sponsor for the Texas Social Media Research Institute or the Social Media Conference 2011? :)

Millennial Professor - Jennifer T. Edwards, Ed.D.
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