Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Year in Review - Top 10 Technology Trends in 2011 (and projections for 2012)


I am a sucker for technology at home (i.e. - the iPads, iPods, etc.) and I admit that my work is filled with technology as well! Here are a few of the best higher education #edtech tools for 2011 (according to various sources)...

According to CNN, here are five of the "Top Ten Tech Trends for 2011"!

1 - Touch Computing

2 - Social Gestures

3 - NFC and Mobile Payments

4 - Beyond the iPad

5 - TV Everywhere

According to Tech News World, here are five of the "Top Ten Tech Trends for 2012"!

1 - Voice Command (like Siri)

2 - E-mail Decline

3 - Cable Box Decline

4 - Hosted Services

5 - App Stores



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  1. I’m a bit confused by #2. What is ‘Social Gestures’ tech trend? Is that referring to motion controlled gaming like the Playstation Move and Xbox Kinect? I definitely understand why the rest of that list would be up there. Touch computing is really intuitive after a short learning curve, and TV Everywhere is one of the most convenient technologies to come along in as long as I can remember. I got mine set up through my service provider, and employer, DISH, and not only was it a breeze to set up but there aren’t any extra monthly fees for having the extra convenience/service. I love being able to watch MY TV on my iPad wherever I go, and it’s not just a limited selection either. I get both all my live channels and anything I have on my DVR. I was even able to watch my programming last time I flew since many of the airlines provide in-flight WiFi now!


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