Monday, January 23, 2017

Learning about High Impact Educational Practices WITHOUT Leaving Home? Yes, Please!

I am excited anytime I can learn more about teaching and reaching students in my online and internship courses! However, it is difficult to travel to teaching and learning conferences when we have a wealth of committee assignments on campus, As a result, I watch a A LOT of YouTube videos to learn step-by-step instructions for utilizing software and how to incorporate a new concept in my classes. 

YouTube has been an incredible help for me and the Liberal Education and America's Promise initiative continues to provide amazing resources for faculty without requiring individuals to purchase a airplane ticket to attend a conference.

Recently, SUNY sponsored a Applied Learning Conference during Nov 2016 and their videos were uploaded on Dr. Susan Albertine's YouTube page.
By the way, please like Dr. Albertine's Facebook page. She is exceptional and I know that you will love her videos!

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Dr. Jennifer T. Edwards

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