Monday, February 6, 2017

Yes, Fellow Faculty Member - Equity IS Important for Your Students!

Over the past year, EQUITY has become THE of the most important word to me as a professor and as an administrator. As an avid reader of the Chronicle of Higher Education and the Education Advisory Board daily briefs, it has been a constant word that appears in each issue and/or email.

As higher educators, should be dedicated to equitable practices in the classroom, and in our programming, and in our services. Student success is impacted by access, retention, and progression. In addition to admitting students to higher education, we should also be focused on helping each student (as much as we can) progress to graduation.

Here's the best thing, AACU and NIOLA partnered together to sponsor sessions on transparent assignments. The presenter, Mary-Ann Winkelmes from UNLV did an exceptional job presenting easy ways that faculty can make assignments transparent for their students.

Part 2 - The Workshop Continues!

Part 3 - The Workshop Continues!

Part 4 - An Introduction to the Charettes!

Part 5 - Questions and Answers from the Session

Part 6 - Here's the Wrap Up Session

I look forward to almost ANYTHING that is hosted by AACU and NIOLA. They are two amazing organizations and they care about spreading best practices focused on teaching, research, and diversity/equity!

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