Monday, March 6, 2017

Remaining Innovative as a Faculty Member After Tenure

Slightly before or after achieving tenure, most faculty think that they've reached the end of their innovation journey and their teaching can solely focus on the best practices that they've developed throughout the last few years. Wrong! I challenge each of you to keep thinking, being creative, and reaching students in your classroom.

Whenever I reach the end of my current innovation point, I have to look for innovators in the academic industry. Usually this search occurs online (fast, easy, and FREE). However, after joining the AACU's Liberal Education and America's Promise in the state of Texas, I just have to look at the innovative social media posts from colleagues in the state and in other LEAP States.

If you are wondering about LEAP States initiative, I am including their links below...
LEAP Wisconsin Innovation Hub -

LEAP California Innovation Hub -

LEAP Indiana Innovation Hub -

LEAP Texas -

So, I charge you to remain innovative, keep thinking, being creative, and reach students in your classroom. Use these free resources and learn how you can improve your teaching techniques without leaving your home (or campus).

In addition to the innovative techniques from LEAP Texas (and the other LEAP States), here are "10 Ways that Faculty Can Remain Innovative After Tenure".

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Dr. Jennifer T. Edwards

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