Monday, October 2, 2017

Do Your Class Activities Reach Beyond the Classroom? Do It With Periscope!

Online graduate students periscoping their presentations? Why yes!

If your students conduct research and/or finish a project and it never reaches beyond the borders of you classroom, did it really happen? During my first two years of teaching, this was something for which I struggled.

Each semester, the graduate students in my online course present their research for the public to view via Periscope and Twitter. The reason that we utilize Periscope is because it is one of the only social media video-focused technologies that has the capability to reach external audiences. You are not typically able to view a Facebook group video (livestream) without following the person.

These presentations are archived (with student permission on the Texas Social Media Research Institute (@TSMRI) YouTube account and the number of views grow each semester.

I always give them instructions focused the best practices of "Periscope/Live Streaming on Twitter".

I always have to remind the students to...

This entire process is beneficial for the students (digital portfolio) and the faculty member (student engagement on their curriculum vitae).

Here's an example of one of the presentations:

Do you have any questions about having your students livestream during an online or face-to-face class?

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