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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Three Examples of Interactive Syllabi (Designed with Open Educational Resources from a University Library)

Last week, I had the opportunity to present at the Open Education Conference. It was virtual and the content was definitely interesting! 

My session was held on Monday, October 18 • 3:45pm - 4:25pm and it was titled, "Designing an Interactive OER Syllabus as an Equitable Practice". 

During the session, I talked about my interactive OER syllabus and I had the opportunity to network with some amazing colleagues. One of the amazing faculty members from my institution attended as well - shout out to Dr. Trina Geye!

I am passionate about open educational resources and I like fact that OERs can save students money. This is very important for our Texas college students. Open Educational Resources are equitable resources!

Here are the notes from the presentation:

I know some of you are wondering WHY I incorporate OERs instead of textbooks for my courses.... This is why...
  • Day-One Access/No-Cost (Equitable)
  • Easier for the Student
  • Mobile Access
  • Linkable to Canvas
  • Easier for the Professor (Updates/Changes)
I always emphasize partnering with the library to find additional educational resources. Here are some starting points!
  • Podcast Links
  • Guides from Prior Semesters (Student Approved Work)
  • YouTube Videos
  • Database Article Links
  • E-Books
  • Lib Guides
As you transition from semester-to-semester, I always recommend this checklist for "refreshing" your OER syllabus:
  • Check Your Links
  • Check for More Relevant Resources
  • Develop a Pre and Post Semester Checklist
  • Integrate Your OER Endeavors with Research
In fact, here's a copy of my OER syllabi:

I also design a syllabus and Canvas tour for my students to help them become more familiar with the content.

Students in my classes (both graduate and undergraduate students) REALLY enjoy the free resources and they are also "more up-to-date" than a traditional textbook.

Have any questions about OERs? Contact me.



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Friday, August 31, 2018

Transition Week - First-Time in College Tips for Freshmen Students

When the beginning of the year starts at Tarleton State University, many first-time in college students comprise the newest class of students at the university. Since 2012, the university as offered a unique interactive learning experience for these new students.

This experience is Transition Week and it engages almost 1,500 students each fall semester. The students persist through a very organized schedule to learn about campus resources, the location of their classes, and they have a change to get to know their class peers before the rest of the students come back to campus (you know those - sophomores, juniors, and seniors). 

During this week, we also have a first-year convocation which simulates an actual graduation ceremony for new first-time in college students. Here's a glimpse into the ceremony.

Unfortunately, some students are not able to attend the sessions as a result of attending national guard boot camp or finishing up a college class at a local community college. The students receive transition week credit for attending the classes and they have to complete the Online Transition Week components.

So, I created an alternative way to complete the online components through Blackboard Modules. Here's the overview of the Blackboard Module course:

Enjoy the content! Please feel free to ask me questions about the Online Transition Week. 


Dr. Jennifer T. Edwards

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Monday, October 2, 2017

Do Your Class Activities Reach Beyond the Classroom? Do It With Periscope!

Online graduate students periscoping their presentations? Why yes!

If your students conduct research and/or finish a project and it never reaches beyond the borders of you classroom, did it really happen? During my first two years of teaching, this was something for which I struggled.

Each semester, the graduate students in my online course present their research for the public to view via Periscope and Twitter. The reason that we utilize Periscope is because it is one of the only social media video-focused technologies that has the capability to reach external audiences. You are not typically able to view a Facebook group video (livestream) without following the person.

These presentations are archived (with student permission on the Texas Social Media Research Institute (@TSMRI) YouTube account and the number of views grow each semester.

I always give them instructions focused the best practices of "Periscope/Live Streaming on Twitter".

I always have to remind the students to...

This entire process is beneficial for the students (digital portfolio) and the faculty member (student engagement on their curriculum vitae).

Here's an example of one of the presentations:

Do you have any questions about having your students livestream during an online or face-to-face class?

Have a great week! Thanks for visiting the Millennial Professor Blog!

Dr. Jennifer T. Edwards

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