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Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Consensus: A Game Changing App for Faculty Researchers!

Consensus - A Game Changing App for Faculty Researchers

Today, I started to utilize a new AI app for my research. This app, Consensus, is a game changer for faculty researchers. I wish that I had this app in graduate school - it would have definitely made life easier!

Step 1 - Here are some screen shots of the software. You can type a question in the box (yes, a question) and the system does the work. Yes, the work that you would usually have to do!

Step 2 - Then, AI does the rest. You receive AI-powered answers for your results. Consensus analyzes your results (before you even view them) and then summarizes the studies collectively.

Step 3 - You can view the AI-powered answers which review each article for you.
*I would also encourage you to review the article independently as well.

Step 4 - View the study snapshots! Yes, a snapshot of the population, sample size, methods, outcomes measured, and more! Absolutely amazing!

Step 5 - Click the "AI Synthesis" button to synthesize your results. Even better!

Step 6 - Use the "powerful filters" button. You can view the "best" research results by: a) population, b) sample size, c) study design, d) journal quality, and other variables. 

I plan to make a video soon, but please take a look at this video to discover exactly how Consensus can help you in your research! 

What do you think about Consensus?


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