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Monday, December 24, 2018

Helping Students Develop a Finals Mindset Through Food!

Before transitioning back to the Communication Studies Department, I always highlighted each holiday by sponsoring a themed food bar! This helps the undergraduate students develop a finals mindset.

This means, yogurt bar, grilled cheese bar, cookie decoration bar, etc. They loved it!

This year, I adapted to my new role by creating a hot cocoa bar! This is easy to do for your department as well!

Challenge - Create a bar for your department as well! ENJOY the journey!

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Monday, January 19, 2015

Out-of-the-Box Ideas for Motivating College Students During Midterms and Finals

Two of my favorite times of the semester are midterms and finals. Odd, right? These are the two times students usually hear about their progress within a course (although I provide feedback more often).

To help students succeed during these key times, our area provides Midterm and Finals activities and programs for students to connect with their academic-sides! Everyone has one (or two) - perhaps a major and a minor).

While planning for the week, I have several Pinterest boards and an amazing committee. Also, we search for ideas on the web to gain insight into other university's approaches to these important time periods.

Binghamton University's Dean of Students's office connects with a wealth of offices across their campus to provide students with incentives for studying!

Here are some of their approaches:

- free group fitness classes

- therapy dogs

- chair massages

- donuts with the Dean (we have not tried this year, but sounds like a great idea)!

- one of the neatest aspects of the event is the REACH vehicle - a mobile approach to providing students with healthy tips and giveways. Here's some more information about the pink car - the mobile solution! Take a look -

- the sleep kits include sleep masks and other items you would need for a night of rest

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