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Monday, April 4, 2011

Planning a University-Wide Event for the Communication Studies Department - Environmental Communication Week


This week, I am excited about Environmental Communication Week! I am working with my partner in crime, Prof. Cristi Horton and two student interns. At first, we thought that this week would only include four events planned by our small committee. However, then we developed a bright idea to e-mail a "Call for Events" to the rest of the faculty, staff, and students at our university. 

After our first e-mail, I was very discouraged by the lack of responses. However, I tried a new approach with my new social media marketing technique that I developed for my academic department, "A Note from the TarletonCOMSDept". This marketing technique included a checklist (action items) in the subject time:

Subject Line - A Note from the TarletonCOMSDept: 1) Submit an event for Environmental Communication Week, 2) Look at the schedule for ECW 2011

Yes, I know that it is a long subject line, but through our "action item" based e-mail, we received over 15 e-mail messages from people who were formerly uninterested in ECW2011. Through this experience, I have been asked by one of the professors from the engineering department to write a grant and I also met a wealth of people whom I formed great working relationships.

This has been a great experience! Check out our schedule of events:


Millennial Professor - Jennifer T. Edwards, Ed.D.