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Monday, September 7, 2015

Dorm Room Tours, Dorm Room Hauls, and Student Success

When I lived on the third floor at Steen Hall, I had a dorm room to myself as a Resident Assistant and I loved decorating the room in red and yellow (cardinal and straw) because those were the colors of my sorority (Chi Omega). I wish that I still had pictures, but I want you to know that my room was NOTHING compared to the rooms that you will see in the dorm room tours at the end of this post. All of the videos are focused on dorm room decorations!

If I had a room similar to these rooms, I would never leave! These rooms are truly like home for these students. As a higher education professional, our task is to make the day and evening activities attractive enough for students to venture our of their residence halls.

Love, love, love the summer dorm room halls and the finished product...the dorm room (residence hall) tours!

Here are the dorm room tours!

College Dorm Tour 2015 - Lilly Pulitzer Inspired Kaitlyn Mekel

One of my favorite (and very organized) bloggers - At Home With Nikki's College Dorm Room Tour

Veri Keri (another amazing vlogger)'s Dorm Room Tour

As you can see, decorating a dorm room (residence hall room) is not an easy feat. Also, it will not be an easy feat getting these students out of their residence hall rooms to attend residence hall programming (or programming for student life). Let's make our programming (and classes) appealing for these students and remain student centered this fall!

Here's my disclaimer, I am one of those odd professors who will call students and send them direct messages on Twitter if they are late to class or if they did not attend class (or turn in assignments).

In addition, this fall, I am working with an amazing group of students in a living learning community and they have a shared kitchen (which will be their common living space). Exciting opportunity for this faculty member!


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