Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Top 10 Ways to Deal with a Rejection Letter from a Publication

Today, I start the revisions of one of my submitted manuscripts. I received my first rejection letter before Christmas and I have not touched the document since that time. As I stated before, the first rejection letter is the worst and then the scholarly journal rejection process gets better.

I think that the best way of dealing with a rejection letter is to:
1. File the rejection letter and reviewers' comments away for awhile
2. Reflect on the process (perhaps write your reflection in a blog) :)
3. Search for another journal
4. Dig up the rejection letter and comments
5. Print and read the comments
6. Make revisions
7. Reflect on the revisions (perhaps write your reflection in a blog) :)
8. Read the document a few more times.
9. Submit the document to friends, family, and former dissertation advisers (perhaps a writers club)
10. Submit document to the selected scholarly journal.

I am actually in the fifth stage and I hope to progress through the sixth and seventh stages over Spring Break. The deadline for the new journal is April 15th. Wish me luck.


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