Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Research Updates - The Unexpected Interlibrary Loan Prayer

A few weeks ago, I ordered a book through the Interlibrary Loan system entitled, "Getting Tenure" by Marcia Lynn Whicker, Jennie Jacobs Kronenfeld, and Ruth Ann Strickland.

Yes, the book seems interesting. However, I experienced a lot of coincidences while reading the book.

1. The first coincidence was that the book was from my undergraduate institution. I have ordered many books through the interlibrary loan system, but this is the first one from one of my former institutions.

2. The second coincidence occurred when I turned to page 65. The subtitle on this page was, "Being Denied Tenure". Sometimes I can be a pessimist, but someone inserted a small sheet a paper that read:

The Power of Prayer
The day was long, the
burden I had borne
Seemed heavier that I
could longer bear;
And then it lifted -
but I did not know
Someone had knelt in prayer;
Had taken me to God that very hour
And asked the easing of the load,
And He, in infinite compassion,
had stopped down
And taken it from me.
Someone had prayed - how
often hearts
Find sudden peace and rest,
Somewhere a prayer, - and Mercy
Yields lovingly to Faith's request.

I guess that I needed it today, because for the past few days I have graded papers! A unexpected prayer sometimes makes the tenure track process a little easier.

Dr. Jennifer T. Edwards

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